about me


My work at Imperial as PhD student focuses on improving our understanding of the carbon cycle, and more specifically, the interactions between the carbon and nitrogen cycles and how these interactions are influenced by rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Therefore, my research lies at the interface between plants and soils, including soil microorganisms. My findings aim to inform global vegetation models and improve predictions of climate change.

I use data from CO2 experiments and remote sensing, and synthesize them using meta-analysis and statistical models to extrapolate conclusions that can be applied at the global scale. Currently, I am working on the quantification of the capacity of future plants to take up CO2. Previously, I have centered my efforts on the effects of CO2 on plant growth, and more recently on the effects of CO2 on soil carbon storage, which together can give us a better picture of how much carbon future plants will be able to sequester from the atmopshere, slowing (or not) climate change